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Emilia from Fitzroy/Eltham
A bad back, stiff neck, painful hips and sore shoulders 

Emilia is a 24 year old barista and yoga enthusiast who technically lives in Fitzroy but in reality spends most of her time at her boyfriends place in Eltham.  

Ben (the boyfriend) surprise Emilia with a couples Zenthai Shiatsu treatment at the Earth Clinic for her birthday.  It was an idyllic day, Emilia felt her body, energy moving, colours and vivid images and memories in a way she hadn't experienced before.  Sipping tea by the fire afterwards she felt incredibly open and loving towards Ben.  Walking along the Yarra afterwards she felt new levels of contentment (and "squishiness")

Emilia was hooked and see's Lily once a month.  She's mostly healthy and is free from the tension, back and shoulder pain that can trouble many people.  For Emilia the sessions are a treat to herself, a time to "bliss-out" and deeply connect with her body.


Emilia does have some gastrointestinal issues and can have heavy periods.  She started with Zenthai but now tends to have Womb Hara treatments.  There is something special about the way the treatment nurtures the belly and the womb.  

But every now and then she'll swap back to the Zenthai.  Mainly for the hip opening and all the extra flexibility it provides

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