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Ji from Doncaster

Relaxing and remedial massage for bad posture, back and neck pain, headaches and stress

As a digital analyst Ji and gamer Ji spends a lot of time on the screen.  

He would feel the pain in his mid-back after a long day sitting at the computer.  His lower back felt stiff.  He had pain between the shoulder blades and his posture was very hunched.  He also noticed his mood was changing.  He was starting to feel more anxious, uneasy and depressed.  He felt wired and unable to relax.  For the first time in his life he was having trouble sleeping.  He was frequently getting headaches and he felt very stressed about work.  Ji drinks a lot of coffee but has been cutting back.    

Ji has worked with Lily to relax his nervous system and soothe his physical symptoms.  Ji is also taking a number of herbs, mostly adaptogens and calming tonics.  Lily's sessions with Ji are slowed right down, with minimal movement.  Ji will often come in and out of a deep sleep throughout the session. 


Ji's posture has improved, Lily has used some of the vast array of techniques available in Zenthai Shiatsu to gentle release the neck, shoulders and back.  Lily has paid particular attention to opening up Ji's chest and the front of his shoulders.  A combination of lots of bench presses at the gym and staring at the computer screen had shortened and stiffened the pec muscles, the pain from which was referred to the upper back.    


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