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Don from Ringwood
A bad back, stiff neck, painful hips and sore shoulders 

Don had worked all of his adult life, from long days on tractors to drilling rigs to building houses.  Overall he felt stiff and sore.  He wasn't able to cross his legs, his lower back was painfully sore and his shoulders were nearly frozen.  He was also suffering from worsening constipation.  

Luke and Ron worked together every couple weeks with an intention to release the tension in the body. 

This included deep stretches and dynamic movements focussing on workign with the fascia to restore movement and freedom to the body.  Particular attention was paid to the psoas and thigh muscles.  This, combined with techniques to release tension in the large intestine released tension in the lower back.  


A variety of thai and osteopathic techniques were used to create spaciousness in the strong erector muscles of the back and the rhomboids and levator scapula muscles to release shoulder tension.   Starting gently at first, more penetrating techniques were used to release the hips. 


Don was able to comfortably sit cross-legged for the first time in years and (almost) touch his toes.  

Three sessions in Ron loved the freedom that had returned to his body.  He was able to comfortably sit cross-legged for the first time in years. He could walk without pain, turn his neck freely in any direction, the persistent lower back pain was gone and he could (almost) touch his toes.  

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