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Zenthai Shiatsu

A flowing, seamless blend of

Zen Shiatsu

Thai Massage &

Osteopathic Techniques 

Underpinned by the principles and techniques of

Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Zenthai is powerful therapy but it is also blissful to receive.


It is likely the most adaptable modality for individual circumstances in the world.

The focus is on treating not just the symptoms but the underlying imbalances

Particularly beneficial for:

Neck, back, shoulders, hip pain

Stress and anxiety 

Joint pain & fascial tension

Digestive & abdominal complaints

Fatigue, low energy

Clearing stuck energy and emotions

Zenthai sessions always begin and end with a short consultation.  This allows us to tailor the perfect session for your unique individual needs and provide lifestyle, diet, movement and other recommendations to take away.

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Couples Treatment

A unique and special offering.

Side by side with your lover, friend or family.

We find these sessions to be a profound experience of connection, healing and understanding.  There is something about receiving Zenthai Shiatsu with a loved one. 

The openness that comes from so much holding and tension fading away allows you to see and be seen in new and powerful ways.


We treat these sessions with great respect and allow plenty of spaciousness for integration afterwards.    

The ideal gift for valentines day, a birthday, looking to impress a special someone, a gift or just a treat for someone who deserves it


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